Tropical garden plants: the easiest to grow

Tropical garden plants: the easiest to grow

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Tropical garden plants, here is the ranking of the most beautiful, with exotic forms and easy to grow. Theexotic plantsortropical plantsthey fascinate for shapes and colors. In their natural habitat they show off dense and lush vegetation, with thecareadequate, thetropical plantscan recreate the same charm in thegardenhome.

The Mediterranean garden is undoubtedly beautiful, but those who want to surprise cannot help but succumb to the exotic charm of thetropical plants.

Tropical garden plants

Tropical plants are able to immediately capture the attention of your guests. The only drawback is that being native to tropical locations, they do not always adapt to our climate. Don't worry, they don't just existtropical indoor plants, there are several you cangrow in the garden. Here are thetropical garden plants cold resistant and diseases.

1. Macleaya x kewensis

Betweenexotic plants to grow in the gardenit is among those with a "simpler" appearance. It features spiers with small pink or cream flowers, long sturdy stems and very showy leaves. The leaves are toothed. This plant requires onepruningperiodic. You will have to make a clean cut in the fall (cutting it at ground level). By doing so theMacleaya x kewensisit will thrive to reach 250cm in the following spring.

This species is very resistant to cold: up to -20 ° C. It is necessary to plant it in areas sheltered from the wind: if your garden is exposed to strong winds, it will need a stake.

2. Fatsia japonica

This species is known by the common names ofSpider's weborAralia of Japan (top image). It's aevergreen tropical plant to grow in the garden. It is appreciated for its variegated, large and showy leaves. It can be grown in shady areas.

It reaches a height of 250 cm and, like the previous one, is very resistant to cold: it tolerates temperatures down to -10 ° C well. It is an evergreen, so it guarantees you lush vegetation all year round.

3. Trachycarpus fortunei

Growing palm trees in the garden is a bit of everyone's dream, Trachycarpus fortunei makes this dream possible. It can grow up to 5 meters but, thanks to its small stem, it can also be grown ingardenssmaller.

4. Phyllostachys vivax aureocaulis

Its scientific name probably won't tell you anything… but if I tell you about a small bamboo forest, what do you imagine your mind conjures up? This variety of bambà is characterized by canes embellished with light and frugly leaves. It can be grown as a hedge, to shield the garden from prying eyes or as an isolated shrub. Under ideal conditions, the plants can become invasive, so be careful in the development stages.

It wants a moist and draining soil, it resists the cold well. To prevent the plant from spreading beyond your will, before planting plant a barrier on the ground to prevent excessive development.

5. Polystichum setiferum

This plant is aevergreen: should be present in all gardens! This is thesilky fern. It is easy to grow, beautiful and very resistant to cold. It wants moist and draining soils, perfect fromcultivate outside, in areasshaded.

If well kept, it easily reaches a height of 150-180 cm with its majestic leaves in true tropical style.

6. Kalopanax septemlobus maximowiczii

It resists up to -20 ° C but should not be cultivated with a light heart: thisexotic plantit can reach a height of 10 meters. It is perfect for growing outdoors when there is enough space. It produces small white inflorescences.

7. Aloe polyphylla

Everyone knows aloe vera. Aloe polyphylla has nothing to envy to its more popular relative. Indeed, aesthetically, the plant shows numerous leaves that spread in the shape of a sphere.

You can cultivate liketropical houseplantbut it also adapts well to outdoor environments. If well maintained, it can exceed a diameter of 50 cm.

8. Phormium tenax

It is also known asNew Zealand flax. It is a variety of linen that resists up to -10 ° C. It has elongated leaves, with a tapered shape and warm tones. Prefers sunny locations. Like alltropical garden plantsseen so far, it wants a moist but well-draining soil. It reaches 100 cm in height.

9. Schefflera arboricola

It can be grown as a sapling (with a single trunk) or as a shrub (with several branches). It reaches a maximum height of 3 meters and when grown as a shrub, it can cover areas of over 250 cm. It prefers sunny locations and during the winter it resists well at temperatures of -5 ° C. Above this temperature it stops vegetating but does not die. If temperatures drop below -10 ° C, it will be necessary to cover the plant with non-woven fabric: a difficult task given the size.

10. Yucca linearifolia

Withstands temperatures down to -15 ° C. Like the species seen so far, it is onecold-resistant tropical plantable to create wonderful green spaces. It can generate multiple logs and reaches up to 2 meters in height. It prefers sunny positions and like the otherstropical garden plantsviews, it wants draining soil.

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