How to make paper flowers

How to make paper flowers

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THE paper flowers I'm a infinite source of surprises! On the other hand, a little manual skills and experience are enough to be able to create practically inexhaustible creations, to be customized on the basis of your preferences and what you want to achieve.

In short, even before understanding how to make paper flowers, we cannot fail to underline how paper flowers are a truly inexhaustible resource for those who - through them - wish to decorate gift packages, walls, set tables and much more, by going to characterize in a unique and personalized way a special moment.

If you like the idea of ​​being able to make paper flowers but don't know where to start, our suggestion is to take a look at the brief instructions that we have chosen to share with you below.

We have indeed tried to deliver some basic indication which will allow you to approach this topic with even greater awareness, allowing you to spend some time - alone or with your loved ones - to be able to creatively create something magical, starting from scratch.

Remember that this is a substantially safe activity and free of particular risks. Precisely for this reason, when making paper flowers, you could have your children accompany you!

What card to use?

Let's start with the card you could use to be able to make paper flowers.

Considering that you have many alternatives available, we cannot fail to emphasize how everything depends on the final effect you want to achieve.

For example, many people prefer to create their own custom paper flowers using crepe paper. There crepe paper not only is it easy to obtain and work with, but it will allow you to create a large number of colorful flowers with a very jagged and original appearance.

Another alternative is the origami paper, which we talked about not too long ago. Origami paper is perfect for all jobs that can be done with paper, given that it can be folded and worked with extreme ease and resistance.

And if you don't have a specific paper for origami, but you want to “work” on the same surface, we remind you that origami paper is traditionally square. Therefore, it will be sufficient for you to cut the excess rectangle of paper from an A4 sheet, which will emerge from one of the sides.

Another solution is therefore constituted by tissue paper. It is a favorite choice of many people because of its particular consistency. Considering that it is a very thin paper, you can also choose to use more sheets of tissue paper, with different colors, in order to achieve the most desired result. Just fold the sheets together and then put a dot in the center with the stapler. At that point you can open the various layers, going to unfold the petals of the flower.

Please note that there is no limit to your creativity, however. Why not try making paper flowers out of the sheets of newspapers and magazines, using their imagination?

Instructions for making paper flowers

Now that you have recovered the paper you think is right for you, let's try to understand how you can make your first paper flower.

Let's start with a very simple model. Just create the wider petals with a sheet of orange paper, and the smaller petals, which will fit inside, with a yellow paper folio. Intuitively, the part that will become the protagonist of the inner petals will have to be cut out with smaller dimensions than the wider one. In the center you can also create a pistil, perhaps using dark colored jagged paper.

But how to make the petals? It's that simple. Take a square sheet, such as those that can be used for origami art, and fold it in half. Then, open the sheet and fold the left corner inwards. Once this is done, he also folds the right hand, overlapping it, thus obtaining a result that should be very similar to a heart with the tip upwards, angular. Now, fold the figure in half along the center line and cut the most pointed part with a semicircle.

Once this is done, and unfolding the sheet, you should get a circle with small waves that will give the impression of real petals.

Do the same thing with another sheet of paper, but cut it out to a sharper size, in order to get a smaller circle. In the center roll up a small piece of paper to obtain the pistil, and then close everything with a point made by the stapler, or with a paper stop.

It is evident that the above indications are only small ideas that will allow you to approach this theme, but which have no claim to being exhaustive. Therefore, there is nothing better than arm yourself with sheets and scissors, and immediately try to make your first sheets of paper flowers yourself!

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