Mayan train will devastate the jungle in Mexico. Signature to stop it

Mayan train will devastate the jungle in Mexico. Signature to stop it

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The idea of ​​the Mexican president-elect López Obrador is to build a train that will carry masses of sun and beach tourists from Cancun and the Riviera Maya to the ruins of Palenque and other archaeological centers.

The so-called Maya Train would travel 1,500 km through five states of Mexico, crossing the Yucatan Peninsula and biosphere reserves that are already threatened by industrial oil palm and soy plantations, forest fires, illegal logging and illegal trafficking of animal and plant species.

Members of the communities and organizations reject this project, which also does not have the consent of the indigenous peoples through whom the train would pass. The Mayan Train “has nothing of Mayan, nor does it benefit the Mayan population. We do not want to be a Cancun or Rivera Maya, where the hotel, transport and restaurant chains are the only beneficiaries ”.

Find out and sign the petition to the Mexican government to avoid the passage of the Mayan Train through the Biosphere Reserves and indigenous territories.

Letter To: President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Dear Mr. President López Obrador:

The countries that best conserve their cultural and natural heritage will tomorrow be the most attractive destinations for world tourism. The promotion of tourist projects of foreign capital such as the Mayan Train, added to the monocultures of African palm and soy, cattle ranching, logging and illegal trafficking of species threaten ecological reserves of strategic environmental and cultural value, as well as the Mayan indigenous communities and peasant women.

The work of the Mayan Train involves too high an environmental impact, which endangers the ecosystem and biodiversity of the Mayan jungle. Such an important ecological reserve and the pyramids of the Mayan area must be preserved at all costs.

In addition, a project of this magnitude involves the expropriation of land and the acquisition of rights of way that will necessarily also affect communities throughout the peninsula. The local and indigenous communities should have received in advance and in sufficient time complete and truthful information regarding the train, which has not happened.

The communities are not opposed - according to their own words - to progress, but to the certainty that the megaproject will not leave them benefits or regional development.

The route of the Mayan train should be reviewed and avoid passing through the Biosphere Reserves and in any case consult previously and in an informed and appropriate manner any use of indigenous territories, as established by law and ILO Convention 169. A comprehensive environmental impact study, unknown to date, must also be carried out.



Thank you for finding out, signing and helping to spread this petition.
Kind regards,

Guadalupe Rodriguez
Save the jungle



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