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Chi or vital energy

This Chi or vital energy manifests itself in the universe in different ways. It manifests itself in the sum total of all the energies of the cosmos, including gravity, magnetism, electricity, solar energy, radio waves etc.

And it also manifests as bionic energy that feeds all living organisms. The "Qi" or "Chi" is for the living organism, what electricity is for any electrical device, without it, it is impossible for it to work.

Within the human system, "Qi" takes different forms:

A) Congenital primordial energy qi (yuan qi).

It is the original burst of pure energy, which occurs at the moment of conception and infuses life into the fetus in the womb. This energy begins to run out from the moment we are born, but we can cultivate and tone it through good nutrition, correct breathing, a regulated sexual life and other oriental disciplines.

B) Qi absorbed from the air when breathing (yang qi)

C) Qi absorbed from the earth

This energy is what the body produces from the digestive process and is extracted from food and water. When the qi of the earth extracted from food and water, unites with the qi of the sky, extracted from the air, both mix in the bloodstream to form that unique variety of vital energy that gives life to the body.

Video: 5 Steps of fire starting!! Chi master and Energy harness technique! (June 2022).


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