Goodbye to single-use plastic utensils

Goodbye to single-use plastic utensils

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The Environment Commission of the Congress of Deputies approved on April 10 to eliminate the commercialization of non-reusable plastic utensils from 2020.

Just as France did in 2016, Spain proposes before January 1, 2020, to prohibit the marketing of utensils such as plates, glasses, cups, cups, cutlery and disposable straws, also called single-use.

The new oneresolutionapproved by all groups except the PP, has been agreed by the three majority opposition groups (PSOE, Podemos and Ciudadanos) and proposes that all the aforementioned utensils be manufactured with at least 50% biodegradable substances from 2020, and with 60% from 2025.

Fewer bags, plastic trays and wet wipes

The groups have also agreed to provide the necessary measures to prohibit the free distribution of single-use plastic bags, and to reduce and avoid the consumption of those labeled as “oxobiodegradable” or “oxodegradable”, since it has been shown that they do not degrade. rather, they are fragmented into micro-pieces, with the consequent risk to the soil, water and organisms.

They have also decided to take the necessary actions to reduce the marketing of food packaged in polystyrene trays, and so that the packaging of wet wipes warns in a prominent way that they cannot be flushed down the toilet because they are not biodegradable like toilet paper.

The deputy of Equo-Podemos, Juan López de Uralde, promoter of the initiative, stressed that half of the plastic containers used in Spain end up in a landfill without being recycled, when not in the environment.

Plastic Attack

Precisely the excessive use of plastics for food packaging is one of the points that has caused the greatest alarm among conservation associations across the country. Among the latest trends are lThe #desnudalafruta campaign or actions such as “Plastic Attack” in England in which activists visualize plastic waste by showing the remains of fresh produce packaging on the supermarket doors.

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