Treat your hair with sweet almond oil

Treat your hair with sweet almond oil

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L'sweet almond oil it has multiple properties and, among these, it brings manybenefits to the hair. It can be used on dry or wet hair, it helps prevent dandruff, counteracts frizzy hair and suits both curly and straight hair well. Let's find out what thebenefitsofalmond oil on the hair and how to apply the product.

If you are thinking of treat your hair in a natural way, thesweet almond oilit is a good alternative to balm and classics hair masks. It is excellentemollientfor frizzy hair, deeply hydrates and acts as an excellent natural remedy againstdandruff.

Almond oil against dandruff

There dandruff it is nothing but the product of the desquamation of the more superficial tissues of the scalp. Desquamation occurs due to several factors and among them dehydration. Follow the advice we give you in the paragraphhow to treat hair with almond oil. For other benefits, I invite you to visit the page "Sweet almond oil: properties".

Sweet almond oil: frizzy and dry hair

L'sweet almond oilyou leaveabsorbeasily from the hair and scalp. Its ability to penetrate deep into the hair makes it great for counteracting thefrizzy and to make the hair softer.

Thanks to its emollient properties, almond oil is effective both on frizzy and brittle hair and on dry hair.

Sweet almond oil: oily hair

L'Can almond oil be used on oily hair?It depends! How greasy is your hair? If they tend to be oily, yes, you can use it or you can use jojoba oil (read the special: jojoba hair oil). When the hair is very greasy and appears greasy, the ideal is a natural sulfur-based shampoo or a sulfur-based soap to be used sparingly only once a week so as not to excessively eliminate the sebum.

Sweet almond oil and hair loss

On some blogs we read that thealmond oilcan be a remedy againsthair loss, in reality this is only partially true. Thanks to hydration, it can prevent hair loss but cannot counteract hair loss if it is already in progress. The reason? This oil is an excellent moisturizer of both the scalp and the protein chains (keratin) that make up the hair but has no effect on reactivating blood circulation.

To counter the Hair loss, products are used that can stimulate microcirculation. In this case, thealmond oilacts as an excellent carrier oil for "spread "the active ingredients of essential oils. To use thealmond oil against hair lossjust add a few drops of carrot essential oil to almond oil, this remedy is also effective for the re-epithelialization of wrinkles and scars.

How to treat hair with sweet almond oil

If you are wonderinghow to use it, you have two possibilities:

  • Use it on dry hair
  • Use it as a mask on wet hair

Can almond oil be used on dry hair?
Yes. You can use it to decrease hair volume or to protect the scalp in particular situations such as in the pool, at the beach or in the gym. But take a look at the contraindications listed at the end of the page.

Better to use it on dry or wet hair?
Undoubtedly wet or very humid. Absorption occurs more easily when the hair is damp.

How to use it?

  • Apply a small amount of almond oil to your hair.
  • Start from the scalp exercising a massage with circular movements (essential to allow absorption by the scalp to counteract dandruff and if you use thealmond oil as a carrier oil for an essential oil)
  • From the scalp, up to the tips, you can do this with your fingertips (more comfortable if you have curly hair) or using a comb.
  • Leave on for 15 minutes before proceeding with the classic shampoo.

We recommend that you use a neutral and natural shampoo, otherwise your work will be thwarted by the harsh chemicals contained in the shampoo.

Among othersbenefitsof almond oil I anticipate that your hair will appear morebrightand silky (soft).

However, natural almond oil is not without "contraindications". In reality they are not real contraindications but "hassles" that require special attention.

If you buy apure almond oil, this is rich in antioxidants: perfect! It is these substances that make it somiraculousto hydrate hair, scalp and skin. However, these same substances "oxidize" in contact with the air. This means that you must seal the bottle immediately after using it and that if this oil comes into contact with a towel, you will have to wash it ... not because it stains but because it will soon stink!

It is for this reason that if you want to use almond oil it should be used before shampooing: with oxidation, its compounds produce a bad smell.

Almond oil: where to buy it

Despite the "problem" of oxidation, we recommend that you buy pure almond oil, to be used with care. If you buy a very large bottle (convenience size), quickly transfer some of that oil into smaller bottles so as to preserve its shelf life and limit the oxidation phenomenon.

Ok,where to buy almond oil?The pure one can only be found in the most well-stocked herbalists or by taking advantage of online sales. On Amazon it is not even that expensive: a 1 liter bottle of pure sweet almond oil is offered at a price of 11.99 euros with free shipping. For all information on the product mentioned, I refer you to "This Amazon Page".

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